Mito BioPharm

Type II diabetes inflicts hundreds of millions of people worldwide and has become a major global health challenge. The current annual sale of anti-diabetic drugs has exceeded 28 billion US dollar globally. This market is expected to further grow in a rapid pace due to the epidemiological trend of this disease.

The available anti-diabetic drugs ameliorate the hyperglycemic symptom; however, they are not effective in correcting the underlying cause. Patients have to rely on pharmacotherapy for the rest of their lives; and tolerance would eventually develop, leading to rapid progression of the various severe, sometimes fatal, complications. New anti-diabetic drugs with novel mechanism of action, in particular those that target the cause of insulin resistance, are in urgent demand for improving diabetic care.

Founded in June, 2012,Mito BioPharm capitalizes the recent breakthrough revealing that ectopic accumulation of lipid inside liver cells is one of the most important causal factors of diabetes. Reducing or depleting hepatic lipid load would greatly improve diabetic symptoms or even provide a cure in some patients. Mito BioPharm has a proprietary technology and lead compounds that effectively increase uncoupled mitochondrial respiration and dissipate hepatic lipid accumulation. Proof-of-concept efficacy studies of lead compounds on treating type II diabetes in animal models have been successfully conducted. One lead compound (MT-2) exhibits both superior efficacy and safety properties. The company is initiating IND-enabling studies, preparing this lead compound for clinical trials in 2016-2017.